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No Matter How Small; Pet Should Still Be Examined

Most readers here take it upon themselves to go at least once a year to their GP for their physical exam. If not that, then every other year may suffice. If not at all then; oh dear. Most readers who love their pets dearly and who do their best to look after them do take their little kids down to the vet for their annual checkup. For some, there may be this unfortunate perception. The tiniest of creatures are not going to be worth the weight in this important medical imperative.

pet physical examinations mckean

And oh dear indeed. What about the nervous little budgie stuck in its cage all day, waiting for mom and dad to arrive home from work. It should not be at all difficult to gently lift the little bird’s cage and plant it on the back seat of the car and take it in for its annual pet physical examinations mckean appointment. Not sure how to handle the transportation of a nervous little creature in a noisy car, and along noisy streets to boot?

Do ask the vet about this. And perhaps if all of this is too much to handle, would it not be better to have these two alternatives. Alternatively, one of the vet’s handlers can come and pick your creature up for you. Or better still, the vet can come and examine the animal at your home. True enough that not all vets have this outlet but look long and hard enough and you will find them. There are specialist clinics that will go this extra mile.

Looking after and examining dogs and cats is one thing, but it takes a special mind and spirit and set of skills to see to this little bird.