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Brief Description Of Horse Jump Cups

horse jump cups

The horse is one of a few sub-species attached to the branch of the equine species. The jump is a familiar motion carried out by horses to breach or avoid an encroaching obstacle, usually carried out with relative ease. And the cup is that glittery and silver award usually handed out to the horse’s rider after claiming first prize in a showjumping event, usually also a glittering affair. But all the gallant horse receives for its gallant efforts is a ribbon. You wonder if this attachment causes the horse any comfort.

Because it is traditionally clipped to the side of the horse’s temple. Hardly anyone notice’s the docile horse’s discomfort because it tends to always twitch its ears anyhow owing to the pestering of dirty flies. They like to pick inside the horse’s ears. Rather than swarming the neighborhood’s trashcans, you wonder if this is organic food for flies. Could be. You never know. And that is assuming that the horse’s owner, trainer and attendants, groomers alike, are feeding it on a healthy, wholesome and balanced diet.

Oats is a particular favorite. And such is the stable life of the healthy horse and the horse jump cups, usually used as an important part of its regular training exercises and competitive maneuvers. The cups come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They are generally designed to respond to the vagaries of the competitive showjumping event. They could also contribute towards the callisthenic and coordination exercises for the horse. The jump cups are attached to the jump standard. This is what holds the horizontal pole in its place. The jump cups allow horse and rider to avoid injury in the event that the pole is clipped.

This is the sporting life of the horse. It can be a good life.

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